Trimming hedges, trimming bushes and trimming shrubs not only keeps them under control and looking great, but it can also help keep them healthy and invigorated.

hedge and bush trimming rothwell
A well kept hedge looks great after every trim

Why prune and trim?

The pruning and trimming reasoning is two-fold;

  1. Retading the growth and keeping the plant at the desired size and shape.
  2. Encourage regrowth by letting light penetrate to the inner folaige leading to stronger growth.

Of course, other reasons could be that the hedge has just become too large and overgrown, or the shrub has began blocking your windows. Maybe the bush is casting too much shade on other nearby plants. Pruning and trimming bushes could even encourage new growth on old plants that arent growing great.

Depending on the size type and requirments, various techniques and tools can be utilised to achieve the desired outcome. From selectivly pruning branches with secatures to a hard reduction with powered trimmers, or even chainsaws.

hard hedge and bush trimming in desborough
Recaiming your garden

Doing it yourself

If you willing to have a go yourself, there’s a wealth of knowledge available;

One key thing to note is that from March to September we are in bird nesting season, and many of our native species love to nest in our hedge and shrubs, so we should always take to time to ensure we’re not distrubing any nests while undertaking work.

Professional trimming

If you’d prefer to leave the hard work to us, whatever your requirements, we can advise and undertake your project in and around the Kettering and Market Harborough areas, with all the waste taken away & recycled into compost or biomass fuel.

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