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Firewood & Splitting

Tree work produces a lot of green waste, but we try to recycle as much as we possible can. The woodchip can be used as a mulch for plant feed or weed suppressant, even animal feed and bedding. The logs are often split and seasoned for many months to be used as firewood in the colder seasons.


There has been a big rise in perople using wood burners in recent years.  You  can expect an efficiency of around 75% with modern models – a huge step up from an open fire that can often be below 30%!

In addition, firewood is virtually carbon neutral as the burning of wood only releases the same amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as the tree absorbed when it was alive.

It’s no wonder then that more and more people are heating their homes with this natural and environmentally friendly fuel source.

All of our logs are well seasoned mixed hardwood for the best burning efficiency possible. We have a number of options available from small nets to builders bags and larger loads.

For a small charge we can even stack the logs where you want them , or maybe you have some large logs already that you need ringing up and splitting?

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