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Hedge Trimming

It doesn’t take long for a hedge to begin to look untidy or become unruly, so it is good practice to keep them in check with periodic maintenance.

Regular trimming is important for the health and well-being of your hedge. It ensures dense foliage and a compact shape that, not only enables you privacy but can assist the hedges disease resistance.

We recommend that newly planted hedges be left untouched for 2 years to allow them to establish themselves properly, and then an annual maintenance trim to keep them looking at their best.
For more structurly shaped hedges, you may wish to have them trimmed up to three times annually.

We can also help bring back neglected hedges that are long overdue a trim. We can’t perform miracles, but with the right care, maintenance and a little time, even the most unsightly hedges can begin to look great again.

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